1. What is Ignite Chronic Insight? Do I belong here?

Ignite Chronic Insight is for you, my delightful weirdo! For all people living with Chronic Illness or Disabilities.

  • You belong here if you want to live your best life- despite any disability.

  • You belong here if you want to see funny videos that can finally explain to your family, doctors and friends what you live with daily.

  • You belong here if you want to join other Delightful Weirdos and Proud Gimps who understand your level of weird.

2. What’s in it for me?

Ignite Chronic Insight will provide a wide range of articles and videos to help increase your quality of life.  I will offer everything I know on how I achieved health and how I stayed happy through it all. I will also be making more videos you can relate to and help others in your life to finally understand what you are going through. Warning: Some of my videos may cause involuntary giggling.

Who’s the Delightful Weirdo Behind Ignite Chronic Insight?

That would be Caylee Shea, and if you’d like to learn more about her check out the Facebook page with over 16k followers.

Caylee Shea has faced many hardships in her young life, including full-paralysis, amnesia, loss of motor function, impairment or full loss of each of her senses, cognitive impairment and deficits, pain, fatigue and every other symptom under the sun. Through her hardships, she has learned to never give up and to enjoy the little things in life. Caylee Shea began to raise awareness for all people with Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities through Videos and content on her Facebook.

In December of 2015 Caylee Shea nearly passed away. In organ failure, she was on life support and in a coma. In the process of keeping her alive, nothing short of a miracle happened… Caylee Shea is now damn near healthy.
“With my second chance at life, I want to continue to raise awareness for the daily life of people with disabilities, I want to spread a little happiness and love, I want to help people with any level of disability lead the best life possible… I want to inspire others to simply Live Alive.”

* Caylee Shea still dreams of making more videos to raise awareness for Disabilities and is currently attempting to raise the funds to make the videos.